Getting Good Graduation Photos

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Getting Better Graduation Photos

Getting Good Graduation Photos
Get out your cameras, and get ready for Graduations! It is time to start thinking about capturing that life changing moment. Everyone has images in their heads of the graduate standing with friends, showing off their diplomas; but how about making some interesting images to go along with the “must have” shots? Be ready for the important shot. All grads throw their hats up in the air, be ready before it happens. Be on higher ground to capture this image; a car makes a great step ladder in a pinch.

“Before” images make great memories. Take a shot before the activities begin of the student and their friends. Have them pose for some silly, but memorable, images. Capture all events. Yearbook signings around campus are an important end-of-the-year event. Keep your eyes open and look for images that will spark future memories.

Take the opportunity to make a beautiful still-life photo showing bouquets or memorabilia the girls carry during a high-school graduation ceremony. Use different types of poses. Showing hands and a program is a lovely way to express feelings of joy and thought, while showing the school name to give a sense of place.
Shooting in Auditoriums
We are not always fortunate enough to have the best weather and location for capturing graduation photos, so getting your graduation photos may be a little tricky. Large Graduations held indoors may not always offer the most ideal seating arrangements, so getting close enough to capture the moment when your graduate is handed their diploma may be a bit difficult.

Get Close. Try to get as close as you can to the action just before you need to take the shot. This will give you time to get ready and take a few practice shots on other Graduates as they receive their diplomas.

Zoom In. You may be limited by how close you can get, so if you have a telephoto lens, zoom in as close as possible to frame your subject. Be sure to use your optical zoom (Where the lens moves) and not Digital Zoom which only enlarges the pixels.

Let in the Light. When zooming in on a subject, especially indoors, it is hard for light to make its way into your lens, so make sure you let in as much light as possible by opening the aperture on your camera. You can also set your cameras ISO to a higher setting to make your sensor more sensitive to the light it receives.

Hold Steady. When zooming in on moment your graduate receives their diploma, be sure to hold your camera steady. If you have a tripod or can brace yourself against a wall or rail, do it. Light limitations and camera motion can frequently occur when using a zoom lens indoors, so make sure your camera is secure.

Make sure you capture every moment in photo, from beginning to end. Capture the crowds of people and the hats thrown into the air. Every photo is a memory that will be cherished by your graduate!
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