Our classic window cover albums can be designed to showcase your favorite photos for any occasion.

Best Window Cover Photo Album

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Create a Classic Window Book

Show off your memories in style with a Mailpix window cover photo album

From graduations and birthdays to holidays and anniversaries, there are numerous events throughout our lives that are worth celebrating to the fullest extent. Many of these moments are captured with our smart phones and cameras and are digitally stored for safe keeping. Instead of storing these irreplaceable photos indefinitely, why not bring them to life and create a stunning photo album that displays your most cherished memories for all to see. We offer multiple design options for our window cover photo book that are sure to compliment anyone’s style and personality. For even more picture album ideas, check out our complete line of photo books which includes even more exciting customizable options. If you are set on the look of leather for your cover, check out our leather photo book collection for more options.

Window cover album features:

  • Full cover measures 8.5×11
  • Front cover cut-out window measures 3×4
  • Choose between linen or simulated leather (+$8.00), available in multiple colors.
  • Each window cover book includes 20 pages with a 74 page maximum. (Additional pages $1.00 ea.)
  • Several page background colors and patterns available
  • Select from multiple photo and text layouts or create your own for a fully customized look.

Building your window cover album couldn’t be easier

Use our convenient project builder to create a classic photo book of your very own. Simply collect your favorite photos from your digital photo library or scan your old photographs and upload them into your Mailpix account. Let your creativity reign free and create a book of memories that brings your most cherished remembrances to life.

  1. After gathering up your photos, upload them into your Mailpix photo folder. If you’d like to incorporate your Facebook and Instagram photos, use our built-in social media connection which is accessible from your Mailpix photo library.
  2. Once you have uploaded your photos, select either our leather or linen book cover option. After choosing your cover, select your page background style. Browse our entire collection and find a background that suits the theme of your album.
  3. When your book opens in the project builder, you can begin customizing your page layouts. Drag and drop your photos directly from your photo folder and add your own text.
  4. Finally, review your book when you have finished and place your order.

After receiving your book in the mail, add it to your photo album collection and share it with your family for an exciting trip down memory lane. Regale your loved ones with your favorite wedding photos, candid family snapshots or last year’s vacation pictures and relive the good times from years past.

Mailpix window cover books are perfect for all of your treasured memories

No matter the occasion, you can use our window cover book to show off your most beloved photos. Whether you are commemorating your wedding day, your last vacation or simply your favorite memories from throughout the years, we have a wide variety of design options to create the perfect family picture album. Maybe you want to design a holiday photo book that showcases your family holiday dinner and Christmas morning photos. Begin by choosing a stylish red, silver or gold linen cover to add a festive flair and adorn each page with your most treasured holiday pictures to complete your custom photo album masterpiece. Perhaps you have considered making your very own wedding photo album instead. Give your wedding photo book a sophisticated look with our simulated leather window cover option. Place your most cherished wedding photo on the first page so it displays through the front cover’s cut-out window. Select from several photo and text layouts to showcase your memories and commemorate your special day. Using our convenient project builder, you can effortlessly create a personalized window cover book that is spot-on for all of your memories, no matter the occasion.

Add a traditional twist to your custom photo album with our classic window cover option

Our photo album with window cover option is available in both simulated leather and linen. Choose from a wide variety of colors to match photo album’s theme. For a more formal look, select our simulated leather cover option. Our leather covers are perfect for wedding photo albums and add the professional flair that your favorite wedding pictures deserve. To design a custom album with a more vintage feel, select our linen cover option which is available in several different colors. From vacation albums to seasonal photo books, there is a color that is perfect for any occasion. No matter the theme, our custom leather and fabric photo album options are sure to please and are perfect for displaying your most treasured memories in their full glory. If you prefer the look of a leather-like book cover, check out our leather picture album page which includes several size and color options.

Create a stunning window cover book for any gift giving occasion

Are you looking for the ultimate gift for a friend or family member? Perhaps, Grandma has an upcoming birthday or you are searching for the perfect holiday gift for your closest friend. Build a window cover book that showcases their most treasured photos. With many options to choose from, you can create a unique gift that your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

For Grandma’s birthday, create a linen cover photo album that includes a collection of her favorite photos from over the years. Choose a color for her book’s linen cover that matches her distinctive style and gather her all-time favorite family picture to display through the cut-out window. Add your own custom text to each page and tell a story about each photographic memory. Her new linen cover photo album will bring a smile to her face and regale her with years of cherished remembrances.

Our custom photo album is the perfect gift for a close friend on their birthday or during the holidays. Find a series of photos for your photo book creation that your friend will love. Let each page showcase your favorite mutual memories, from nights on the town, birthdays and holidays. A customized gift created by you is sure to impress your friend and make their day all the more special.

For even more gift ideas, including home decor, clothing, accessories and more, check out our custom photo gift page to find the ultimate customizable present for any gift giving occasion.

Create the ultimate window cover photo book, perfect for capturing your life’s most precious moments

If you are considering a memory photo album to store your favorite remembrances, let our stylish window cover book showcase your best pictures, from your wedding and summer vacations to birthday celebrations and candid snapshots. Create a window cover book for a new baby album or a graduation picture book that brings to life some your most prized memories. No matter the photo book occasion, you can be sure to create a masterpiece that is perfect for your most treasured photos. Using our convenient project builder, you can build the window cover photo album of your dreams. Choose a linen fabric or simulated leather cover and a favorite photo to display in the front cover cut-out window, for a custom photo book that’s uniquely you.

Whether you are simply adding to your current photo collection or creating a custom book for a friend’s birthday, our window cover books are sure to please. With a wide variety of cover options, photo layouts and background templates, you will discover how easy it is to create a memory album that fits your style and personality.

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