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This Easter, Dye your Eggs Naturally
Dyeing Easter Eggs has become a great and fun tradition during the Easter Holiday, Kids love being creative and making a mess, and we love capturing it all on photo so we can share with Friends and Family, and of course post our photos to Facebook.

Should the time arise that you are hosting a few kids, or want to pass the time with your own, there are a few items you may have laying around the house to help you dye your Easter Eggs Naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals and dyes. Here are a few Natural Dyes you can make yourself:
BLUE:  Canned Blueberries, Purple Grape Juice or Boiled Red Cabbage Leaves.
BROWN:  Coffee, Black Tea or Boiled Black Walnut Shells
YELLOW/GOLD:  Boiled Turmeric, Cumin, Celery Seed or Lemon Peels, Chamomile Tea
GREEN:  Boiled Spinach Leaves
ORANGE:  Boiled Yellow Onion Skins, Carrots or Paprika
PINK:  Beets, Cranberries, Raspberries
RED:  Pomegranate Juice, Red Wine, Canned Cherries (with Syrup), Boiled Red Onion Skins

Using natural ingredients for dyeing your eggs will produce a soft color on your eggs, perfect for Easter. Soaking eggs in natural dyes overnight can produce a much bolder, brighter color, and make a great Easter Eve activity.  Natural egg dyes have a dull matte finish.  To add a natural shine to your eggs, try rubbing them with vegetable, or mineral oil.
Add Natural Art to your Eggs

Welcome spring when dyeing your Easter Eggs by adding natural art to the outside or your eggs. All you need is some pieces of nylon (cut from old hosiery) and a few rubber bands. Take your kids outside and look for leaves and flowers that would produce a beautiful pattern or design. Then press the leaf or flower against your egg and wrap it tightly with the nylon, securing it around the egg with a rubber band.
Dye your Easter Eggs while in the nylon wrappings. When your egg has darkened to your desired color, remove the nylon wrappings and reveal the beautiful design left by your leaf or flower. This is a great way to create beautiful natural Easter Eggs.
Capture Every Moment!
Be sure to capture every moment in photo!  Fun crafts such as Easter Egg dyeing deserved to be photographed and shared.  Be sure to remember each moment in a Personalized Easter Book for 2013, highlighting your family gatherings, Church events and Fun Activities.  Also be sure to include a photo of Easter Dinner, so the moment can be remembered always.  Turn your Images into Memories with MailPix!
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