High Quality 5x7 folding graduation card printed on heavy weight card stock

5×7 Folded Greeting Cards

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5x7 Photo Card Pricing
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Custom Folded Cards With Your Own Creative Twist

Are you looking around for the perfect folded card that has just the right message and artwork on the front panel? It’s a tough task and you can find yourself looking through the card aisle at your local card store or pharmacy for what seems like hours. Why not have your card, your way, and customize your own folding cards for any occasion!

Folding Cards Details

  • Each card measures 5×7
  • Choose between portrait and landscape layouts
  • Available in dozens of elegant templates appropriate for any occasion
  • Each card includes a complimentary envelope
  • All four panels both inside and out can be customized with your own photos, artwork and personalized text

Design Your Own Folding Greeting Card In Minutes

At MailPix, we make designing cards a fun, stress-free affair. Simply gather your photos, upload them to Mailpix and start creating! Incorporate your own personality into your card design by adding your own photos and unique message.

  1. Begin designing your cards by simply uploading your photos from your computer to your Mailpix photo folder.
  2. Secondly, choose your folding card orientation, either vertical or horizontal.
  3. Afterwards, choose from our range of elegant templates to fit the occasion.
  4. After opening your card in the project builder, just drag and drop your photos from your photo folder and onto your layout.
  5. Then, add your own text.
  6. Finally, review your completed layout and place your order.

Since our custom folded cards arrive with their own envelopes, they are ready to send out once you receive them. Add your own personalized handwritten message to the inside of your card and send them out as simple “hello” or during the holidays for an elegant, festive greeting. As you know, customized cards are perfect for sending out on a variety of occasions including party invitations and announcements!

Create The Perfect Greeting Card

Whether there’s a particular holiday coming up or you just want to keep a close friend or relative up to date, our custom folding cards make the ultimate greeting. Just add your own photo and include a heartwarming message that will make your loved ones feel special.

We offer a variety of seasonal themed templates in a variety of styles and colors. The change of season is always a great time to send out a note to your friends and family and let them know you are thinking of them. Create a heartwarming winter photo card or a festive summer greeting and keep those closest to you in the loop. Use a favorite season themed photo to add to the front and personalize your seasonal greeting with your own message on the inside. Your recipients will cherish your thoughtful greeting as a keepsake for years to come.

If there’s an upcoming holiday and you simply want to spread a little joy, why not create a folding card of your own. We have the perfect templates to make the ultimate Christmas card or Hanukkah greeting that shows off your best family holiday themed photo. All four panels of our folding cards can be customized to your liking so you can add a collage of your favorite family pictures and personalized message anywhere on your card. Get creative and send your loved ones some cheer during the holiday season in style.

Photo Invitations That Are The Life Of The Party

No matter the event or celebration, our folding cards make a great customized invitation to send to your guests for an upcoming festivity. From birthday parties to baby showers, we offer a range of templates that will allow you to make your own invitation with your own personalized twist.

Maybe you’re planning a Halloween party and you want to invite all your friends for a night of spooky fun. Why not create your own Halloween party invitation that displays a fun fall-themed photo. Include your party details on the interior of your folded invitation and let your loved one’s know just how excited you are for them to come to your upcoming Halloween night of fun.

Are you planning a big feast for Thanksgiving? Send out a custom Thanksgiving card and invite your family to your turkey day celebration! We offer several colorful fall themed Thanksgiving templates that will give your Thanksgiving party invitations an elegant flair.

No matter what occasion you’re celebrating, you can create a folding card invitation using your most cherished memories and custom text. Instead of searching around the store for a generic set of invitations, why not make your own with your own photo to add excitement to your upcoming planned event!

Create Your Own Thank You Stationery

Everyone should have a set of attractive thank you cards to send out to friends and family to show your gratitude for a special deed or a thoughtful gift. Why not make your thank you stationery unique by incorporating a prized photo into your design. Thank you cards are perfect for sharing a favorite landscape photo you took on your last hiking excursion or a fun snapshot of yourself and your family. Include a message of thanks on the inside of your cards and then a personalized handwritten note to make your loved one feel appreciated.

Show Mom And Dad Your Love In Style

Our folded greeting cards are a great way to send your love in a unique way on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Create the perfect Father’s Day card or Mother’s Day card with MailPix! Choose from our stylish templates that will add a unique flair to their special day. Make Mother’s Day or Father’s Day this year a special occasion by giving them a unique folded greeting card to share your love with them.

Custom Photo Folding Cards To Fit Your Needs

For invitations, holiday greetings, announcements or save the dates, MailPix has your covered. Personalized folding cards are a great way to keep up with loved ones or invite them to your upcoming celebration. Make your folded cards stand out using your best pictures and use our text feature to add your own customized message for any occasion. Building a folding greeting card of your own is both fun and easy. Just upload your treasured memories, pick a card template and design your own card in no time!

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