Our fully customized photo bandanas make the ultimate accessory for your precious pets.
Golden retriever in a photo custom bandana for pets

Pet Personalized Bandanas

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Create a Pet Bandana

Create Custom Bandanas For You Pet

Ready to create an accessory that your pet will love to wear? Personalized Custom Pet Bandanas are bandanas that little Toby would rock all day long. These Photo Bandanas aren’t just any bandanas. They are fully customizable products with plenty of options for a higher level of personalization. Want an animal themed template with four photos of Toby printed on it? Or perhaps you just want one big single photo bandana. MailPix gives you options to create both of these bandanas and more! Try creating a Custom Bandana now to see how easy it truly is!

A must-have accessory for your pets

Thinking of getting a gift for little Toby for his birthday? Along with a custom dog birthday cake(which we think is absolutely great!), you should get him a Custom Photo Bandana! Print photos of you and Toby on the bandana and then put it on him. The result will seriously be amazing! Just imagine your puppy running around with that bandana on. He will attract even more attention than he usually does because these Custom Bandanas will make him look even cuter! And who said you can only create one? Like you, I’m sure Toby wouldn’t want to wear the same thing all the time. Spoil your pet a little bit and create multiple bandanas for him! When you take Toby out for walks, all your neighbors will be gazing enviously at him wishing that they had a dog that was THAT cute. The best part is that nobody can really copy your bandana because it is 100% personalized. You get to choose which templates that you want to use and you get to choose exactly which photos you want to put on it. This is exactly why Custom Photo Bandanas are such a unique product!

Perfect for special events

Is there a big dog meet up at the dog park? Let your pooch stand out with our variety of custom bandanas that feature your furry friend's cutest photos. Having a Pet Bandana will really help differentiate your little Toby when there will be many other pets around. Having a Photo Bandana will make Toby even more noticeable than he already is! If you were at a special pet sporting event, you could tell everyone in the crowd to cheer for the cute dog in the red photo bandana.

You could also plan a big birthday party and have everyone bring their pets! Doesn’t this already sound like such a fun idea? If you want to be the ultimate party host, you can even create a Personalized Photo Bandana for each and every pet that will be attending. Create a special and personalized bandana for each pet using photos of them and their owners. Everyone at the event will appreciate your gift and it doesn’t even cost that much to make because we offer everyday low prices on our products. As a result, everyone will be extremely happy and have a wonderful time. Basically, everyone wins!

A Thoughtful Gift

We already know that Custom Photo Bandanas are a great way to spoil Toby, but why not share the love? If you have a friend whose pet is having a birthday soon, give them a thoughtful gift like a Custom Bandana! Ask your friend for photos of him and his dog so that you can use to print on the bandana. Or if you already have photos of you guys together from a past gathering, use those! It’s better to be secretive and surprise them later with this awesome gift. When you have future playdates with Toby and your friend’s dog, they can have their own Pet Bandanas to rock!

Whenever you think about getting a pet a gift, what is your first and immediate thought? Probably something like a bone, sweater, or collar right? While all of those options would make great gifts, we strongly believe that Custom Photo Bandanas would make the BEST gift. This is something that is highly customizable, meaning that the gift itself will tell the recipient how much time you put into creating it. Walking over to the local pet store to buy a new bone for your pet does not nearly have the same effect as creating something highly personalized. Show them how much you care by taking the time to create a gift that people will be talking about for months!

When deciding on what kind of gift to give to your pet, it’s always important to consider what they’ll be more receptive to. A sweater may be a very hit or miss gift option. Toby may be stubborn and not want to put any clothing on, despite how cute it would look on him! A Custom Bandana would probably be Toby’s favorite piece of clothing since he will barely feel it on him. This is why it is so easy to create so many Photo Bandanas for Toby, because it is just so easy for him to wear them all! Imagine struggling to get Toby to wear the new sweater you just got him. We can already imagine him running around and being stubborn about putting something on that he doesn’t want to wear! On the other hand, a bandana looks MUCH less constricting to him. After all, it’s just something to tie around his neck! If anything, he will have so much fun with it while running in the wind.

Match your bandanas!

Our Personalized Custom Bandanas look great on pets, but they look great on us too! Create a couple of Photo Bandanas- one for you and one for Toby. Having matching bandanas will show everyone how much you love your pet! The options you have for creating matching bandanas are endless. Choose your favorite photos and then choose your favorite theme on MailPix. All you need to do after that is to update the quantity to 2 bandanas. If you want to mix things up, you could try creating one bandana with photos of you and another bandana with photos of Toby. Having different Photo Bandanas can also be a very fun experience! Just be careful, your envious neighbors may copy you!

There are many ways to wear these bandanas, which we talk more about on our Personalized Bandana Page. Check it out for inspiration on how you can wear your bandanas differently.

Show them how much they mean to you

Personalized Custom Bandanas are one of the best ways to show Toby how much he means to you. Show him that he is a part of your family by creating a Photo Bandana with every family member, including Toby. He will feel more special just wearing it! When you take Toby out to gatherings with friends and family, everyone will appreciate the thought of creating a Custom Bandana with your family on it. Just letting Toby wear that Photo Bandana will show everyone how happy you are to have him and that you aren’t shy to show it off!

We know how much your pets mean to you, which is why we decided to make this process of creating a Photo Bandana very easy. All you need to do is choose a template, upload your photos and then put them on the bandana and you’re good to go! Our project builder shows you a preview of the bandana before you place your order, so you don’t need to commit to something that you’re not sure of yet. If you would like to create multiple versions to see which one turns out the best, then just start a different project! Our builder saves all your projects and makes creating and ordering these Custom Bandanas easy!


  • 5.1oz, 100% Polyester Jersey Knit Bandana with White Back
  • 24" x 24" Machine Washable Bandana
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