Design your very own photo floor mat that fits in with your distinctive home decor.
Warm a large tile floor with a felt top area floor mat of photo memories.
Area floor mats are perfect for business and commercial use.

Large Area Floor Mats

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A custom photo floor mat will add a unique twist to the decor of any room

Add a touch of personality and interest to any room with a personalized photo rug. Select your favorite photo to display on your photo carpet or create a custom collage full of life and color to make any room truly your own. Complete the look you are going for with our photo wall decor collection and relive your favorite memories while adding a stylish flair to your home's decoration.

Customized photo floor mat features:

  • Choose from several classic and square rug dimensions to fit a room of any shape and size
  • Low pile felt surface for clear and crisp photos
  • Rubber backing to prevent slipping and increase durability
  • Available in full photo and collage layouts
  • Additional background colors and patterns to choose from that are tailored to any taste
  • Lightweight for easy storage and mobility
  • Perfect for your own scanned artwork or a custom logo for a small business

Using life's precious moments to liven up your home's interior decor

Sometimes, finding just the right accessories to complete your home decor can be a challenge. With color, scale, style and beauty to consider, there are many options to think about when adding a new piece of furniture or a set of drapes to a room that you are designing. The best way to find just the right decorative accent is to create your own custom piece. Using your favorite photos and digital images will transform any item into a personalized keepsake that will not only add to the style of any room but will remind you of your most cherished memories. With our custom floor covering option, you can dress up any blank floor whether it's tile, hardwood or carpeting. To fully customize your decor, our personalized home decor collection offers a wide variety of photo gifts, blankets and more!

Choosing just the right photo or digital image for your new photo floor mat

Maybe you have a favorite wedding photo that you want to show off in a big way. Or, perhaps you took a picture of a beautiful sunset while on your last vacation. Use these priceless photographic treasures to liven up any blank floor. Our photo carpet mats will not only add a touch of warmth to your home but also a unique and personalized flair that just can't be replicated with a plain store-bought rug. Maybe your child has shown interest in a make-over for their bedroom or play area. Nothing will please them more than a custom rug that they can show off to their friends and family members. Let them select their favorite pictures or scan some of their best artwork to use as a new rug for their updated personal space. No matter what your style is, you will find a large variety of photo and text layouts to artistically display your most prized remembrances. From current, popular colors, to floral and pet themes, you will be sure to find just the right combination of photos and background options to create a personalized floor mat that is the perfect decorative accessory for any area of the house.

Our versatile custom photo rugs are perfect for any corner of your home

In addition to your living room, bedrooms and kitchen, there are other areas that can use the stylishness of a personalized photo rug. Create a welcoming atmosphere in your basement or dress up your garage using your prized photos. Maybe you have been searching for a personalized rug for your bathroom or other smaller corners of your home. In addition to our photo floor mat, we also offer memory foam floor mats which are great for smaller spaces and provide a cushioning support for tired feet. Besides beauty and elegance, a custom photo floor mat will add protection to the flooring throughout your home. Defend hardwood floors and carpeting in your home's high traffic areas. Custom photo felt rugs make a great addition to pet rooms and will fit nicely with a playroom for the kids while introducing character and color. Maybe you're a small business owner. Nothing will impress your customers and clients more than a customized photo rug in your shop or office. Create a photo rug with your own logo and complete the look of your business for a professional feel. With many versatile uses and compatible options, you can easily create a photo rug for any area of your home or workspace.

Select from several sizes to fit in with any room layout

Maybe you have been searching for just the right rug to liven up your living room. Choose from our collection of standard rug sizes and add your own photo to jazz up your family common area. Pick out a picture from your digital image collection that represents you best and make a personalized statement for all to see when they enter your home. Our rectangular 8x10, 5x7, and 4x6 photo floor mats are perfect to put in front of your couch or under your coffee table. In addition to your living room, we also offer several smaller sizes that are a great for your bedrooms, kitchen and foyer. Our 4x6 photo mat will fit nicely next to your bed and bring your favorite memories to life when you wake up each day. Besides the variety of classic rug sizes, there are three different square dimensions to choose from. Square floor mats will add a contemporary and symmetrical look to any room. Are you looking for a way to showcase your favorite Instagram pictures? Our 3x3, 4x4 and 8x8 will most assuredly show off your Instagram photos in their full glory. Whether your room is large, small, oblong or square, you will be sure to create the best photo floor covering that completes your decor and reveals your distinct personality.

Durability and quality combine to transform your photo into a beautiful custom floor cover

With their non-slip rubber backing, each custom photo mat is perfect for a room of any floor type. From hardwood flooring and ceramic tile to vinyl and carpeting, your new custom floor mat will be right at home in any room. Each rug is made from a low piling felt which allows for easy vacuuming and cleaning. Our photo floor mats are great for the kitchen too. The high quality felt material will allow them dry quickly so you never have to worry about soggy, wet rugs around your kitchen floor. Their durable construction also makes them lightweight. Unlike other rugs, they are easy to roll up and move to a different location. The quality design will not only add to your home's elegance but will make regular maintenance a snap with effortless upkeep.

Custom Photo Mats are a great fit for anyone's home and make the perfect gift

In addition to adding color and flair to your home, a personalized photo floor mat will make a unique gift that a friend or relative won't soon forget. Create a custom photo rug masterpiece using a cherished photo of a family get-together or a beloved scenic landscape and make your loved one smile. They will enjoy displaying their new, prized photo floor mat and admiring their most treasured digital images. To compliment their new photo carpet, take a look at our custom photo canvas collection which offers a wide variety of styles and sizes that will go with any decor. Photos and pictures always make for a heartfelt gift for anyone on your shopping list. Maybe your little one has a birthday coming up or is excitedly awaiting an upcoming holiday. Make them a gift that they will adore year after year and allow them to enjoy their favorite photo on a big scale. They will be thrilled with the color and uniqueness that a custom photo floor mat adds to their bedroom or play room and will impress their friends at their next sleepover or play date. Photo mats make the perfect housewarming gift as well. Create a photo floor mat that compliments your friend's new home and inimitable style. Whether you are searching for an unforgettable gift for someone special or are simply looking to add a unique touch to your own home, the variety of photo layouts, sizes and backgrounds will transform your custom floor mat from a dream into reality.

Personalize the look of any room of your home with your favorite memories and distinctive style

A photo floor mat will certainly fit the bill whether you are looking to warm up your kitchen's tile floor, add a splash of color in your bedroom or display a custom decorative accessory in your entryway. Select from several classic and square rug sizes that will fit in with a room of any size. Choose from a wide range of photo layouts to display a single favorite photo or make a collage from a collection of cherished family portraits or treasured snapshots. With our various background colors and patterns, you can easily create a floor mat that will match any style from modern to traditional. No matter where you lay your rug in your home, you will admire the personality and character that it will bring to your living space year after year.

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