Display your favorite photos on your covered porch or patio with our weather resistant outdoor canvas collection.
Weather Resistant Canvas wrap with plastic sealed back

Outdoor Canvas

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Outdoor Weather-Resistant Canvas Specifications

  • Available in 9 sizes, including 3 square canvas print sizes and a large panoramic canvas option
  • Canvas is especially coated for UV and Weather resistant protection for longevity outdoors
  • Photo Wrapped and Neutral Color edges available, canvas back is constructed with durable white plastic
  • Stainless Steel picture hanging hardware ensure a rust-free display
  • Place canvas in a covered area, not directly exposed to the elements to preserve quality and longevity

With your favorite photo in mind and a blank wall on your deck, patio, or porch, you can easily create your own beautiful wall décor that will not only impress visiting friends and relatives, but also tell a story of your treasured memories. Invigorate your garden with a colorful floral photograph, bring sentiment to your back porch with a family portrait, or invite a natural, rustic feel to your apartment balcony with a wonderful forest print from your hiking trip. Let your imagination run wild and transform your exterior space into a stylish, colorful outdoor living room. Why not be both stylish and practical with your outdoor wall décor? With our careful considerations for UV coating and durability, you will never have to sacrifice beauty for practicality again.

Bring the inside out with a unique weather resistant gallery-wrapped canvas.

In addition to your home’s interior rooms, your outdoor patio, porch or deck can be a favorite spot for you to spend time with your family, entertaining friends, or relaxing on a balmy summer evening. Most of the time, we primarily focus on embellishing our living room, kitchen and bedrooms. Why not ornament your outdoor areas as well with your stunning photos and cherished memories? In addition to other wall art, photos can be a very special and personalized addition to your exterior. Add texture and color to your blank exterior walls with our outdoor, weather-resistant gallery-wrapped canvas collection. Whether you have a large veranda out front or a smaller balcony off your apartment’s living room, you can admire your photos anytime while enjoying a quiet dinner outside with your family, taking a dip in the swimming pool or simply catching some rays on your lounge chair. Guests at your home will be amazed with your distinctive sense of style and decorative expression of your outdoor living space. Outdoor canvases are great conversation pieces and will accentuate your exterior with panache.

Weather resistant canvas photos are appropriate for any climate.

Whether you live in a dry western climate or reside in a humid southern climate, our outdoor canvases are designed to withstand the elements no matter which part of the country you call home. Is your deck or patio covered? To maintain longevity, covered exterior porches and outdoor seating areas make the perfect place to hang your new outdoor wall canvas, away from full exposure to direct sunlight and rain. All of our weather resistant canvases are constructed with a durable, white plastic backing and are carefully sealed around the edges to keep harmful rain, moisture and debris from damaging your decorative, photographic wall art. The humidity from your hot tub or swimming pool will be no match for the design and construction of your new weather resistant canvas. Worrying about bright colors fading on your canvas print will be a thing of the past as each one is UV protected to maintain your photo’s vivid colors and sharp clarity. Additionally, each canvas is complete with stainless steel hanging hardware which will not only allow you to easily hang your new artwork anywhere outside, but will prevent unsightly rusting.

You can rest assured that your outdoor photo canvas will maintain its beauty through all seasons, all year long, no matter where you live. Unlike other wall décor that you have to bring inside during cold weather, the outdoor canvases can be kept outside to add color during the winter months. Pleasing to the eye and durable, you can enjoy your photos outdoors for years to come.

Find the perfect size to add beauty to any outdoor area, large or small.

Finding the perfect photo canvas to beautify your patio or porch couldn’t be simpler. Are you looking for a wide canvas to center directly over your outdoor sofa? Maybe you have a tall, narrow wall by your front door that is need of some color and style. With a wide array of sizes and orientations to choose from, you will be sure to find the ideal dimensions to display your favorite images.

Matching your photo’s size with your exterior wall dimensions is easy with so many choices available.

Choose a panoramic canvas for a wide, exterior focal wall. Or, you can create your own arrangement of several smaller canvases with different orientations. Together, they will make an interesting outdoor photographic collage which will transform your patio dining area or flower garden into a cozy living space. Display one of your Instagram photos using one of our square canvas options or easily hang your outdoor canvas print on a column or pergola to imbue a sense of artistic individuality. You can even create your own canvas arrangement to dress up your patio’s drab privacy fence or brighten an outdoor wall shelf along with your other decorative accessories and plants. No matter what the size or layout of your exterior area is, you will find the perfect dimensions to fulfill your outdoor decorating needs. Our wide selection of weather resistant canvases can be created in a portrait or landscape orientation and there are many sizes to choose from which include 12x12, 11x14, 12x18, 16x20, 24x24, 24x36, 20x60, 36x36, and 32x48.

The sky’s the limit with your creativity, your favorite photo, and several canvas preferences.

Feel free to go large or go small depending on the dimensions of the wall you have chosen to garnish with a treasured photo or favorite memory. You can arrange your outdoor artwork as set of smaller photo canvases or make a statement with a large photographic centerpiece on one of your larger walls. You can even create a fun and interesting feel by matching the colors from your photos with the different hues of your potted flowers and plants. You can further customize your canvas with your choice of edges. Compliment your home’s exterior color with one of our neutral color edges including black, white and gray. Or, add a special touch with a stylish photo- wrapped edge. Let your unique, artistic expression flourish on your home’s exterior with the numerous sizes, orientations and canvas edges available.

MailPix offers many creative ways for you to enjoy your precious photo memories, or add a unique style to your decor. If you are looking for another creative way to display photos outdoors and add color to your outer living space, quick drying outdoor pillows are perfect for your outdoor furniture!

Brighten any area of your home with your favorite photographic images.

Everyone has photos in their collection that evoke special memories that we will always treasure. Photos have become an important part of our lives, capturing those special moments that we always want to hold on to and never forget. Whether it is a picture from your wedding anniversary dinner, a candid snapshot of your children at the zoo, or a photo of a beautiful waterfall landscape from your vacation last summer, you have treasured photographic moments that deserve to be displayed for you and your loved ones to treasure and adore in your home. Showcasing beautiful, crystal clear photos arranged in an attractive layout adds a personal and unique flair to any decorating style. Canvases especially, can add a distinctive quality to your décor whether you are embellishing a focal wall in your living room, adorning a corner in your bedroom or looking to brighten your outdoor patio. Not only can you enhance your living spaces with color and texture, but you can add a personal touch by exhibiting your favorite images and reliving your most prized remembrances.

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