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Transform your digital image into a stunning piece of canvas wall art

We all have them, photos that we store on our computers and smartphones. We love to relive those memories and cherished moments, scrolling through our favorite photos on our electronic devices. Why not share them with your family and friends by displaying them as a beautiful piece of wall décor. With Mailpix, you can transform your favorite images into stunning canvas photo prints. Choose from a wide variety of canvas types, from framed to easel-back canvas. Drag and drop your photo and customize it to your liking. Then, place your order. It’s as easy as that. Once your new canvas wall art arrives, you can readily add it to your home’s décor ensemble to enhance the look of your home.

Brighten up any wall in your home with the perfect canvas print

Are you looking for a distinctive piece of wall décor to adorn your living room? Maybe there is a blank corner in your bedroom that is in need of a little color or a side table that you want to decorate with a unique and personal touch. No matter what your decorating project is, you can find just the right size and the perfect canvas style to accent your room. Our 5×7 canvas photo prints are a great way to add a little color to your wall art collection and our large framed canvas prints are ideal for decorating above your mantle or on any focal wall in your home.

Do you have several photos that you would like to showcase together as part of your décor? Create the perfect Canvas Collage and choose from several artistic layouts to create a canvas masterpiece. Display a collection of vacation photos or your best family portraits and liven up your room. Maybe you have a larger space available which you would like to hang several of your favorite photos. Create the perfect canvas photo arrangement on your walls with our Cluster Canvases. Choose between 6 different assortments and make a unique display that your family and house guests will admire for years to come.

Give your wall the sophisticated look of a professional art gallery. Our gallery-wrapped canvases come in a variety of sizes and can be hung on the walls or placed on an accent table to create a casual yet elegant look. From classic wall canvases to easel-back canvases you will be sure to find just the right style for your decorating project. For a wider selection of smaller canvas sizes, check out our Canvas Lites, a Mailpix exclusive. They will fit virtually anywhere and are printed on real high-quality canvas. If you’re looking to highlight your photo in an elegant frame, we offer a classic framed or modern floating framed canvas as well to add the final touch to any room. Compare and contrast various canvas sizes available for our most popular types of canvas.
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Instead of a traditional wall canvas, create a canvas poster print which you can add to any frame with beautiful custom matting. Canvas Poster Prints are unstretched canvas that arrive rolled up and ready for use, they combine the beauty and ease of both a classic print and a canvas and are easily portable so they are ready to hang anywhere.

Square Canvas Print Arrangement above a sofa

Collage Canvases are perfect for displaying your favorite photos together

Gather up some of your most prized family snapshots or select a few photos from your road trip vacation last year and use them to make your personal style stand out. With a collage canvas, you can choose between several artistic layouts and add a background that will accentuate your room’s décor and colors. Depending on your style and the scale of your room, you can choose between a framed or photo-wrapped canvas to complete your look.

Photo Collage Canvas Features:

  • Available in several sizes ranging from a 16×20 to 30×40, including one panoramic and two square canvas formats.
  • They are ready to hang as soon as they are delivered to your home. Each collage canvas includes pre-installed hanging hardware.
  • Can be designed with either a landscape or portrait orientation for all sizes.
  • Choose between gallery-wrapped or floating frame options.

Cluster Canvas will add interest to any focal wall in your home

Have you been struggling to create an arrangement of art on your living room wall? Maybe you have been trying to decide which wall décor pieces you want to hang but nothing seems to fit together. With our Cluster Canvas, you can easily find the perfect arrangement to make your wall stand out, as well as admire your most treasured family photos throughout your home. Available in 6 different arrangements, they will be the perfect fit for any decorating style from traditional to modern. Hang them above your couch or fireplace mantle to make them a photographic centerpiece.

Cluster Photo Canvases have many attractive qualities including:

  • 6 exciting canvas layout options to take the guesswork out of decorating.
  • Larger format canvas sizes perfect for filling any large blank wall in your home.
  • Gallery-wrapped edges to give your space a desirable, artistic feel.
  • Professionally sealed back with pre-installed hardware for convenient hanging on your wall.

Perfect for dressing up any room, Gallery-Wrapped canvases will give your room an artsy feel.

Looking to add interest to your home’s décor with a casual flair? Our gallery-wrapped photo canvases are professionally constructed to turn a prized digital image into a wall art masterpiece. Many of our other canvas options can be created using the gallery-wrapped edge so they will make a great addition no matter where you hang them. With a wide array of sizes to choose from, your new décor project will be a success with a professionally wrapped edge canvas. You can even adorn any side table or shelf with your favorite memories. Our easel canvas option comes in both 5×7 and 8×10 sizes so they can be displayed virtually anywhere. No matter the size or style, you can choose between a photo-wrapped or neutral color wrapped edge to perfectly highlight any photo.

Gallery Wrapped Canvases have multiple features that will fit the bill for any wall art project:

  • Available in a large selection of sizes from a 5×7 up to a 32×48. Choose between a portrait or landscape orientation to perfectly fit any photo.
  • All sizes can be hung on any wall. The 5×7 and 8×10 are also available with an easel-back option, terrific for any side table or desktop.
  • A photo-wrapped or neutral color edge will perfectly compliment any photo and go with any decorating style. Our neutral color edges come in black, white and gray.
  • No framing is required, so your new wrapped-edge canvas is ready to hang as soon as it arrives at your home.

More Photo On Canvas Options

There are many ways to customize your canvas to perfectly highlight a cherished photo. For example, you may be wondering about the difference between gallery wrap and stretched canvas. Stretched canvases are stapled directly to the wooden frame while gallery wrapped canvas wrap the canvas art over the frame so they are ready to display on any wall. Our canvases are gallery wrapped so they not only add an elegant flair to your decor but they also do not need to be professionally framed to showcase with your wall art collection.

There is museum wrap vs gallery wrap to choose from when building your canvas. Museum wrapped edges can be customized with any color while our gallery wrapped option wraps your chosen photo around the sides of the canvas. This can be helpful depending on the size of your photo along with customizing the cropping of your image. You can choose either the color or photo wrapped edge to compliment both your photo and your decor for the perfect accent to any room in your home

For decorating a mantle top or a side table, our easel-back canvases will not disappoint

Choose between either our 5×7 or 8×10 wrapped-edge canvas size to add a personal touch on any sideboard table around your home. The easel-back canvases are a great way to add color to any tabletop. With pre-installed hardware, they can be hung on a wall instead, making them delightfully versatile.

Easel-Back Canvases are perfect for any occasion with features including:

  • A professional wrapped-edge which eliminates the need for framing
  • A choice between a photo-wrapped and neutral color edge
  • Perfect for decorating small areas including bookcases and bed side tables

For more easel-back canvas sizes, take a look at our Canvas Lites

Available in 6 sizes, Canvas Lites are super thin and perfect for display on a countertop or on top of a coffee table to enhance your décor. From sizes ranging from 4×6 to 8×10, they are printed on real canvas and their thin backing will allow them to fit anywhere. For your favorite Instagram photos, we offer 3 square Canvas Lites for a distinctive display.

Canvas Lites features:

  • Choose between 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 and 3 different square sizes
  • Their thin, compact size make them perfect for any display
  • Printed on high-quality canvas they will add an artful touch to any photo
  • Easy to assemble in minutes

Classic Framed Canvas Prints will beautifully highlight any photo

Create the perfect wall art with our classic Framed Canvas Prints option. Available in several different sizes, they are great for traditional or modern decorating styles and the solid frames will turn one of your most beloved memories into an exquisite wall display.

Framed Canvas Print Details:

  • Six sizes available ranging from 11×14 and 16×20
  • Choose between a stylish Black or Textured Walnut frame
  • Printed on genuine high-quality canvas
  • Both black and walnut frames are constructed from a quality, durable plastic for years of enjoyment

Give your photos special treatment by choosing a Floating Framed Canvas

Can’t decide between a wrapped-edge or a framed canvas. Why not have a little bit of both? Our professional floating framed canvases feature a gallery-wrapped canvas floating in either a black or walnut picture frame. They are the perfect fit for any decorative style and are a unique way to highlight a stunning photo. They make it easy to achieve a professional look for your wall décor.

Floating Frame Canvases attributes:

  • Available in 20 different sizes. They are perfect for any blank spot on your walls.
  • Black and Walnut frames will add a polished look to any décor.
  • The floating canvases are the perfect fit for any modern interior.
  • Conveniently hang them anywhere with pre-installed hardware

Easily transform your digital image into a Photo Canvas Poster

If you are looking for something a little more casual or portable try one of our unique and beautiful unstretched canvas photo posters. Maybe you have a special heirloom frame that you would like to include in your home décor. Find the perfect picture and create photo canvas poster. They are available in 6 different sizes and can also be tacked up on the wall for easy hanging. Roll them up anytime for easy storage. They make the perfect addition to any room both formal and casual.

Canvas posters have several features:

  • 6 sizes including 3 square sizes, perfect for your Instragram photos
  • Easily portable, they roll up in a snap and can be hung effortlessly anytime
  • Apply to any wall with push pins or frame it for an artistic, decorative look

Create your own unique look at home using your most treasured memories with Photo Prints on Canvas

Whether you want to add a colorful accent to your home or office, our photo canvas prints are the perfect choice. With so many options from single photo to collage canvases, you will find just the right fit for any area of your home, large or small. Create a gallery-wrapped canvas for an artistic feel, choose a framed canvas print to highlight your favorite picture or order one of our easel-back canvas options to complete a decorative ensemble on your living room sofa table. Using your photos as décor for your home will not only make it more personal, but will allow you to show off your most prized family moments to your friends, family and guests. Our photo prints on canvas will suit any of your decorating needs or make the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

Our quality canvas prints are guaranteed against fading for 100 years or we will happily reprint them at no charge.

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