April 23, 2014

Mother’s Day can be one of the most stressful times of the year because it can be difficult to find the right gift for mom. You may have gone back and forth between a gift card and a purse that you think she may want, but will those gifts really make her feel appreciated as a mother? Instead, we have compiled four gift ideas to help you make her smile on her special day.

  1. Print a meaningful memory on Canvas for her
  2. Photos on Canvas

    Do you have any photos that your mother cherishes or a photo that you absolutely know she would love? You may already know what we’re getting at. Giving your mother a meaningful photo can mean the world to her and put her on cloud 9. Some examples are family photos, photos of grandchildren, or photos of an important event in her life (wedding?).

    Print whichever photo that came to mind on Canvas for her to bring out the color and memory of the moment. A personalized gift that will bring out the beauty and color of something special for her, how much better can it get? Our Framed Canvas would be an ideal gift, but our Gallery-wrapped Canvas and Canvas Lites are just as beautiful.

    MailPix offers a large variety of photo canvas in all shapes and sizes.

  3. Make her a home-cooked meal
  4. Mother's Day DinnerAre you an amazing chef that can cook a delicious meal without even trying? Yes? Awesome. No? Even better. Cooking a special meal for your mother on Mother’s Day can mean so much more than a store-bought gift. If you don’t have a strong reputation for your culinary skills but still put in the effort to make your mother a delicious meal, she will appreciate it even more. If you plan to go this route for a Mother’s Day gift, you should prepare early and practice until perfection. If you don’t know your mother’s favorite dishes… find out soon so that you can prepare the recipes!

    Mother's Day Flowers

  5. Buy her a bouquet of flowers
  6. Women love to receive flowers as gifts and Mother’s Day is no different. Take this a step further by finding out what your mother’s favorite flowers are and then surprise her with them on Mother’s Day. If you need a discreet way of asking her without giving yourself away, pretend to ask for her advice on flowers to give to someone else and sneak in a question about what types of flowers she likes. You’re welcome.

  7. Plan a family surprise party
  8. Family GatheringUnless it is already a tradition to have a family get-together on Mother’s Day, planning a family surprise party for your mother can mean a lot for her. Call family members and close friends that your mother has not seen in a long time and plan a surprise party with them. Family is the most important thing to mothers, so having everyone that she cherishes all in one place will keep her smiling for days. Just don’t get too excited about it and give it away before it happens!

Bonus: Add a card to it.

Adding a Personalized Mother’s Day Card to the gift that you decided on can help boost its effectiveness. Write a personal message for your mother to thank her for what she’s done for you and show your appreciation for her. Having a personalized card would complement your gift very well and make 2014 a Mother’s Day to remember.

If you want to use your own photos and design a custom and more personalized card for your mother, we have tons of designs that you can choose from on our website.

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