Photo Prints Mailed to You

Order Photos from Your Smartphones (Android and iOS)

Got a few minutes? That’s about all the time it takes to order photos from your iPhone or Android device using the new MailPix Photo Print Elf app. Imagine the delight that family and friends will have when they find photo prints inside their mailbox from a recent holiday gathering—delivered just a few days after […]

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Travel Photography tips for Beginners

Globetrotting: Take Great Travel Photos, New England

Drive almost any route in New England, and chances are you can pull over and snap a few wonderful images. We’re on the road again and this time it’s a stop in Collinsville, Connecticut. This hamlet has a meandering river, small reservoirs and dense foliage. For the lens artist, a main draw will be the old red […]

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how to take professional pictures of people and babies

Eyes are the Prize: Portrait Tip

More often than not, great portraits use the eye as the focus point. Even if your subject is not looking straight into the lens, try to focus on the iris. Manually select an AF (auto focus) point that’s positioned over one of your subject’s eyes. Alternatively, use the camera’s central focus point to lock focus […]

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how to focus on the eyes in photography

Take Better Portraits: Eyes Are The Prize

Great portraits use the eyes as the focus point. Even if your subject is not looking straight into the lens, place focus on the iris. This is super easy if you’re using a smartphone—most devices have a focus point box selector that appears when you tap on the LCD. Simply touch on a person’s face […]

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Options Galore for Making Custom Photo Greeting Cards

Create a personalized photo holiday greeting card for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, New Years or any other winter celebration. MailPix offers several flat and folded photo card options. Upload one photo or multiple photos to your holiday photo card. Add a personal greeting inside your custom holiday wishes note card. We offer print on one-side or […]

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Glossy Prints vs. Metallic Prints

How To Make Stunning Metallic Greeting Cards

Who has the best holiday greeting card this year? You do…if you use metallic paper for this year’s holiday greeting cards. Place your order by 5:00 PM, December 15th and you’ll receive holiday cards in time for the 2014 season. Greetings cards made of metallic paper are simply gorgeous. We offer 5 x 7 personalized metallic single […]

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Camera Settings

A Starting Point for Basic Camera Settings

Have you already made your family photo holiday cards? If not, with Thanksgiving coming up in a few days there’s no time like the present to create your own holiday photo greetings cards to share with family and friends. The house will be decorated, and the family will be together. Whether you have a point […]

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Thanksgiving Photography

Tasty Turkey: Food Photo Tips

Log onto a social media site Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and we bet more than half the posts you see will be shared around dinner hour–and will be snapshots of food and drink. Want to make your food photos look as good as what you see in real life? Here are a few tips: Natural Light […]

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Tips and Tricks: Dialing In Optimal Photo Exposure

There are very few photographers who use a light meter these days. Your camera device takes care of measuring and determining optimal exposure if you’re shooting in Auto Exposure or a Profile mode. For the most part, once you aim your device at something, it looks at the scene and tries to determine an appropriate […]

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Colors Ablaze with Fall Photography

Grab a camera, coral the kids, gather up some colorful (non-clashing, yet harmonious) outerwear, then pack a picnic and your MailPix photo fleece picnic blanket. You’re taking the family for a colorful mini-vacation. Autumn is one of the most colorful times of the year to photograph. Shoot with leaves in the backyard or a park, […]

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