June 13, 2013

Facebook has become a big part of our lives. You may get updates sent to your phone, or email, and may even find yourself randomly checking in to see what is going on with your friends and family. Facebook is a great way to stay up to date with loved ones, and an easy way to share your photos with everyone that counts.
After a few years, and a couple cell phones and/or a new computer later, finding your older pictures can be a task, but fortunately you can easily find all the photos you have uploaded Facebook, but what if you wanted to print your Facebook photos? Ordering prints of your Facebook photos directly from Facebook is not possible, but there are a few ways you still get your photos printed.
  1. Download each picture from Facebook (One at a time) by clicking on the download option for each photo, then upload the photos to your favorite photo printing site, or burn the photos to a disc and bring the disc in with you to your local photo retailer.
  2. Find an App. Many developers have created Apps for Facebook, or Smart Phones that allow you to browse your Facebook Photos and orders prints. There are many apps out there, and finding the right one can be tricky. Unfortunately many apps limit the products you can order to only a few print sizes, and may not have the pick-up or delivery options you are looking for.
  3. Use a Photo Printing Site. Many online photo retailers have added new features to their site to allow you to connect to your Facebook account so you can have access to your Facebook Photos. This still can be a bit tricky. When navigating your Facebook photos on another site, many times the albums and photos load slowly, and you must first select the photos you want to print from, and transfer them to the photo printing site prior to ordering prints or creating products.

Make it Easy with MailPix

MailPix.com was started from the concern that a whole generation of photo memories — stored on Facebook, Instagram, online, in cameras and in smart phones will be lost to future generations unless preserved as photo books, prints, cards, enlargements and other tangible products. So when it came time to add a Facebook option to our site, we had one word in mind, “EASY”. Order your Facebook pictures on MailPix easily, no need to upload photos to our site, or transfer them from Facebook to us, just connect and print!

Sign In with Facebook
You do not need an account on MailPix to print your Facebook Photos. Just log in using your Facebook sign in information and have access to all your photos, as if they were on our site. MailPix connects directly to Facebook so you can have access to your photos fast, and order a full range of products with no limitations.
When you want to print your Facebook photos the easy way, think MailPix!
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