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Have fun with your kids dying and painting Easter eggs

Capture the Fun Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally

This Easter, Dye your Eggs Naturally Dyeing Easter Eggs has become a great and fun tradition during the Easter Holiday, Kids love being creative and making a mess, and we love capturing it all on photo so we can share with Friends and Family, and of course post our photos to Facebook. Should the time […]

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Photographing your pets can be difficult and rewarding

Tips for photographing pets

Shooting pets can be one of the most rewarding types of photography one can do, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. Just try getting a kitten or frisky young puppy to hold still long enough to focus and get a shot! Solve this by restricting the the areas into which the pet can […]

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Young kids love to play at the beach

Photographing kids in a few easy steps

Taking great photos of children – from newborns to teenagers –is easy to do if you remember a few tips. First, keep the subject’s age uppermost in your mind. In a sense, babies are easy to photograph. They’re too young to be aware of what a photograph is, so they can’t react to the idea […]

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A day at the zoo can be a fun day for taking photos

A safari at the local zoo

You can’t always go where the wildlife roam, but you can still get some great shots at your local zoo. Here are some tips for getting great shots. Pack some lenses: Bring your longest lens and a macro. The long lens can be used to try and fill the frame with the subject. It can […]

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Frame your photo with a square shaped print for a special crop

It’s hip to be square

With booming popularity of social photo apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, the square format is coming back strong. First popular on instant cameras, the square picture is a classic way to show off your creativity. But, your camera doesn’t take square pictures, does it? And why are some pictures different shapes? The shape of a […]

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The type and brand of your memory card can make a difference in its quality

Take good care of your memory cards

lthough not susceptible to a cold or the flu, memory cards can become “sick” and fail. Digital Photography School posted these tips from Steve Berardi, a nature photographer and software engineer, for keeping your memory cards healthy. 1. Format new cards as soon as you get them. It’s always a good idea to reformat a new card, […]

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Taking a nice picture is more than just the megapixels of your camera

The basics: Shooting video with a DSLR

Today’s DSLR cameras also shoot exceptional HD video. Using them is, however, different than using a camcorder or digital still camera’s video mode. The graphic below shows why a DSLR may perform better in low light.

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Take a beautiful holiday family portrait with our easy steps

Nine Tips for Interesting Portraits

Family gatherings make for great portrait opportunities. Here’s some tips for making those once-a-year shots into once-in-a-lifetime portraits. 1. Have couple of concepts in mind for the shot. Bring a few different props to the shoot so that you can experiment; even something simple but meaningful to the family. A musical instrument, for example. You never know […]

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Capture beautiful holidy pictures with these easy tips and remember your special moments

Tips for taking holiday photos

With Christmas quickly approaching, I thought we could take some time to talk about some Holiday photo tips. I know what you’re going through. The hectic shopping, decorating, wrapping, planning, cooking blahblahblah. The absolute last thing you want to think about is making sure your photos aren’t blurry when you finally have time to look […]

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Action can be anything from sports to catching birds mid-air in flight

Understanding your camera settings: Part 3

If you’re just joining us, we’re taking you on a tour through your camera settings. Over the last couple days we have covered such settings as Automatic, Portrait, Landscape, Aperture and Shutter speed. Today we’re going to continue this with the Action, Night and Macro settings. 1. Action/Sports/Kids and Pets The Action setting, sometimes referred […]

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ou can adjust your aperture to many settings to allow light in and offer differnt effects

Understanding your camera settings: Part 2

Did you all check out part 1 of Understanding Your Camera Settings yesterday? If not, definitely do that before moving on to this post. As promised, we’re back today with part two, diving deeper into the settings on your camera that can prove to be confusing for many people. Today we’re going to tackle those […]

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Understanding your camera settings: Part 1

The holidays are big photo time–obviously. We here at MailPix got to thinking about all our friends, family and fans who are printing photos for photo cards, scrapbooks or even canvases who may not know what each individual setting on their camera means. You know that frustrating moment when you can’t get a photo to […]

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Tips for avoiding shutter delay

Digital snapshot cameras and smartphone cameras have a slight delay from the time you press the shutter until the picture is actually taken. During this split-second moment, the camera is adjusting the focus, exposure and color balance. This delay may cause you to miss the exact moment you were hoping to capture. (DSLRs typically don’t […]

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Taking a nice picture is more than just the megapixels of your camera

Why are megapixels important?

Even though digital cameras have been popular for more than a decade, people are still confused about megapixels and their importance. The term “megapixel” refers to resolution, which means how much digital information is makes up the picture. Digital photos are made of dots or “picture elements” called pixels. Digital cameras use millions of pixels […]

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Video: Erin Manning’s top 10 do’s and don’ts for great portraits

Ever take someone’s photo and their nose looks two times too large? Sure you have! Pro photographer Erin Manning provides these 10 do’s and don’ts for getting great portraits, including getting the right perspectives. Erin is the author of “Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent,” as well as the DIY […]

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Change your perspective to get better shots. Very few great shots are taken at eye-level!

Quick tips for weekend shooting

Feel like you’re in a photo rut? Taking the same kinds of pictures all the time? Spend some time this weekend sharpening your skills with these quick tips: Step up — Stepping closer will eliminate clutter and make it easier to see your subject. Why not just zoom in? Because moving your whole body with […]

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Dress the part when taking your Halloween photos, you want the best look

Five Halloween photo tips

By Laura Oles, author of Digital Photography for Busy Women Halloween has become one of the most popular celebrations of the year! Who can resist cute kids in costumes? Kids grow up fast, so here are some “tricks” to capture those great memory “treats.” 1) Tell the whole story! Too many Halloween pictures just have […]

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Video: How to take better vacation photos with Erin Manning

A vacation at the beach is nice, but if you have ever tried to take pictures there, you know that it can be tricky capturing photos of the moment.  Erin Manning provides a few tips to help you compensate for the harsh sun light, and add interested to your photos. Erin is the author of […]

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Capture beautiful and inspiring fall images with these fun and easy tips

Tips for getting great fall color photos

In many parts of the United States, the fall is the best time of year for photography. Vibrant colors exploding in foliage make great enlargements, especially canvas prints. Timing is everything. Every state is different, and viewing conditions can change from year to year. Consult this list from the About.com for prime state-by-state fall foliage […]

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Take great action photos with these amazing tips

Tips for great action sports shots

By Laura Oles, author of Digital Photography for Busy Women Fall is a great time to get action shots, whether the sport is youth football, soccer or skateboarding. Here are some simple tips to get print-worthy action shots. Warm-up is important. Get to the game early to photograph the players warming up. It’s a good […]

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