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Capture a special moment instead of a posed photo for better memories

5 Tips to help you take better photos on your phone

Tip #1: Find the absolute BEST lighting you can for your photos. Smartphones are more than capable of taking great photos, but they cannot match the quality of larger cameras or DSLRs. Have you ever tried taking photos with your phone in dim lighting? Chances are that your photos did not turn out great. Although […]

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Design the perfect growth chart with a custom template and your own photos and watch your little one grow up.

How to Make a Custom Photo Growth Chart For Your Boy or Girl

The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to start tracking your child’s growth. MailPix photo growth charts are easy to make–and we offer lots of design templates. Customize yours by adding text and photos. For fun, call attention to a certain height by using a MailPix peel and stick print decal to mark […]

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Turn your backyard into a haven for birds and they will always be there for our photography

How to Take Great Backyard Bird Photos

Bruce Boyajian is a professional photographer who has photographed the Miss America competition for 39 years. He’s also an auction house catalog photographer, but he absolutely loves capturing backyard birds. He’s printed several of his photos as framed wall art nature canvas pieces. “One of my first photos taken more than 40 years ago was […]

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Framing a landscape photo can make all the difference in your photos

How to Frame a Sweeping Landscape

You’re way up a trail hiking with friends. You stop to catch your breath at a vista point. The view is incredible. A first reaction may be to snap a photo. A few hours later, you pull out the camera to show others what you saw. Hmm, rather unspectacular; your photos just do not convey the […]

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Capturing sunset photos can be easy and rewarding

How to Take the Best Sunset Photo for Beginners to Pros

When it comes to photographing a sunset, arrive early. There’s no predicting the sun and its most glorious moment—inevitably there will be that splendid one-minute window. Be set up and ready at least half an hour before the sun drops below the horizon. Best time to catch glorious color is likely 15 minutes before and […]

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How to upload, store and print your videos from android and ios devices

How to Safely Move Photos Off Your iPhone or Android and onto a Computer to Free up Space

Step-by-Step How to Move Photos from your iPhone or Android Smartphone to your Desktop Computer It’s the start of a new year–the time when retailers and hardware stores dedicate lots of ad dollars to promoting storage bins, closet organizers and other ‘clean up your life’ products. Caught up in clean-up mode? Why not clear the […]

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Using a tripod allows for more creativity when taking angled shots

5 Photography Tips to Help You Take Better Photos

Photography is a hobby for some, but an art to others. Whether you are a seasoned veteran photographer or a casual photographer, photography is a gateway for turning fleeting moments into permanent memories. MailPix has compiled five tips to help you take better photos so that your memories can look their best when you go […]

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Digital Photography School has some great Halloween photo tips. Here are some highlights from Darren Rouse:

Halloween Photo Tips from Digital Photography School

“The keys to great Halloween Photography are not that different from the normal keys of good composition in photography so as you photograph Halloween this year keep in mind the basics. I’ve selected the following tutorials that we’ve written before that should be helpful in your Halloween photography: “Find Points of Interest  “Before hitting the shutter […]

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Pet photos can be cute, just make sure the light is ready when you take your picture

Lighting Tips for Pets, People and Pizza

How Mother Nature and a Friend’s iPhone Can Assist Who hasn’t snapped a shot of their meal and uploaded it to Facebook? Or taken a pet pic and emailed to family? Want those photos to look more impressive? Southern California pro shooter Prentice Danner offers a few quick and easy tips for better looking photos. Great […]

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Taking a nice picture is more than just the megapixels of your camera

Digital Photography Exposure Guide

Exposure is always considered as the first lesson when it comes to digital photography. Here is a detail guide on shutter speed and aperture, summarizing the basic information about exposure in digital photography. Each portion of this infographic defines the three basic components of exposure namely: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. by usamanasir. Explore more […]

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Lighting and props are a good way to set a mood in noir photos

Create Your Own Film Noir Fun

Choose great character models.Photo by Barry Freeman. Add an interesting place to shoot.Photo by AnneMarie Baker. Give a little storyline.Photo by Joerg Lehmann. With all the retouch tools on the market–in your camera, on your mobile phone or desktop–why not go invent a few fun photos of your own? Grab friends or family and stage […]

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A park is a great place to photograph kids, use the bright colors to show their personality

Photographing Kids

Photographing Kids in a Few Easy Steps Taking great photos of children – from newborns to teenagers –is easy to do if you remember a few tips. First, keep the subject’s age uppermost in your mind. In a sense, babies are easy to photograph. They’re too young to be aware of what a photograph is, […]

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Capture beautiful firework photos with these 5 easy tips

How To Capture Fireworks

9 Tips for Photographing July 4th Fireworks Independence Day is only a couple days away and we’re all excited to see the fireworks celebration! Fireworks are so beautiful and amazing, but can be hard to photograph if you want to remember the moment. These tips should help you capture beautiful fireworks photos this 4th of […]

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The type and brand of your memory card can make a difference in its quality

4 Steps to Protect Photos

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true: your digital photos captured with the latest and greatest technology may not last as long as the old film photos you snapped a generation ago. The reason is simple – in the old days, the only way you’d lose your photos is if some massive catastrophe […]

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Posed Wedding Photos

Tips for Beautiful Wedding Photos

Pictures and Weddings go hand in hand.  With Summer only days away, everyone is gearing up for their summer weddings and planning to make every moment perfect. Everyone wants to have a great time at a wedding and here are some tips for capturing those great moments. Stay out of the way of the professional […]

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Capture the moment mid-action with these action tips for photography

Tips for Action Shots

Family outings can be great sports photos. Spring is a great time to get action shots, whether the sport is youth T-ball and baseball, soccer or skateboarding. Here are some simple tips to get print-worthy action shots. Warm-up is Important Get to the game early to photograph the players warming up. It’s a good time […]

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Print your favorite photos on giclee art prints perfect for your images

“Composition” Means Taking Better Photos

One way to improve your photography is through better “composition,” which only means thoughtfully “composing” the image in the viewfinder for the greatest impact. After learning a few basic rules, it is easy to do because these rules focus your attention on the subject and its surroundings in the viewfinder. Digital photographers have a distinct […]

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Capture beautiful photos with a few tips to help with your composition

25 tips for better composition

Spring is the time to shake off the creativity cobwebs. Here are some tips to shake up your picture taking. Remember, these are guidelines, not rules. For each of these, an opposite suggestion could be made. (In fact, try those too!) Concentrate on the basics first, and then you earn the right to get fancy and […]

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Print your favorite photos on giclee art prints perfect for your images

Create your own art prints

Mailpix now has some of the most advanced printing technology available. Here are some tips to ensure your prints look as great as possible. 1. More pixels are required to print a high-quality, sharp image than to view your images on a computer monitor. Most computer monitors are 72 ppi (pixels per inch) and images […]

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Video: How to Take Better Baby Photos, with Erin Manning

Babies are so precious and adorable, and their life is full of firsts, so you want to be sure to capture as much of it as possible.  Celebrity Photographer and Author Erin Manning is here to tell us 3 Easy Tips to take Better Baby Photos. Set the Scene – Babies are soft with fair […]

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