Helpful Photo Scanning Tips: Part 1

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Everyone has shoeboxes full of old family photos. Maybe you inherited these from family members, or maybe you just never bothered to put them in photo albums. If you’re like most people, you have a mix of photo prints and digital photos.

It’s time to bring those prints into the digital age to protect and preserve for future generations. Start scanning all those precious photo files! Here are three options for completing the task:

1. Send (mail) photos to a scanning servicw

2. Drop photos at a local scanning service (perhaps a retailer or an entrepreneur)

Turn your old pictures into digital photos so that you can print them on new media

3. DIY–scan the photos yourself

Scanning services will complete this laborious process for you for a fee but, of course, that means trusting your memories to someone else while the work is being done. To find a service, start by asking family and friends if they have recommendations.

1. Research mail-away scan service vendors by doing a keyword search on the Internet using phrases such as: “Scan My Photos” or “Scan Family Photos.”

**A few to consider: E-Z Photo Scan, Scan Diego,, Scan Café
MailPix is not affiliated with any other these businesses

2. You may find a local business, perhaps a photo retailer, that provides scanning services. Or maybe there’s a local photographer or studio that can assist

3. Gonna DIY-scan the task yourself? You should know that for DIYers, there aren’t a lot of quality choices for consumer-grade scanners. There are companies, however, that will rent you a production scanner. Compare a few solutions and see what best meets your needs. Our friend Gary Pageau used a Kodak scanner and laptop to complete his task.

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