Colors Ablaze with Fall Photography

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Grab a camera, coral the kids, gather up some colorful (non-clashing, yet harmonious) outerwear, then pack a picnic and your MailPix photo fleece picnic blanket. You’re taking the family for a colorful mini-vacation.

Keep your camera ready in the fall for beautiful photography that can change daily

Autumn is one of the most colorful times of the year to photograph. Shoot with leaves in the backyard or a park, drive to a big ole farm and stand in a pumpkin field or amongst withering old corn stalks.

Since we’re talking color, start by boosting your camera’s color profile to a VIVID or comparable setting. Maybe even increase the sharpness (if it has a preset or option to dial that in) to get even more vibrant and crisp photos.


Warm up with a few smartphone selfies. Stand where there’s something super colorful in the background. Straighten collars and scarves, and stand in good light. Snap a few then—dark circles or harsh shadows? These may occur middle of the day in bright light. Shoot again. This time, position the camera a little higher overhead and raise chins. Keep in mind you still want to keep color in your background. Or re-orient the direction in which you are standing, or move to stand just inside the edge of a long soft shadow—such as a roofline.

Did you know you can instantly order a photo from your smartphone, then pick it up on the way home?

Hide and Seek

You’re the seeker who will sneak up and shoot. Tell the kids to hide in the most colorful location they can find—but not in too dark a location unless you are ok with using flash. As you get close, ask them to pop out and scare you. Steady the camera, pre-frame a colorful region, get the Auto Focus spot determined and be ready to fire off several shots.

Time Trigger Family Portraits

Have you ever tried the time-set/auto fire setting? Many cameras permit you to dial in a countdown of 5, 10, up to 30 seconds before a shot will be fired. You’ll need a tripod or something flat and steady on which to place the camera.

Now go stand in a pumpkin patch and create family photos for this year’s holiday gift season!

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