June 3, 2015

Just think what you could print as a 24 × 36 Photo Poster Print. Mailpix has big and bold photo poster prints for birthday party memories, group shots from t-ball league or sunny day photo close-ups of the kids.


Your image will fill the paper—bottom to top and side to side. Colors are deep and vibrant because we print on real silver-halide paper to preserve the integrity of your pictures. Mailpix Photo Poster Prints provide a flat matte finish.

Pictures taken with a DSLR (and that have little to no cropping) are the best candidates. Since you are enlarging, upload the highest resolution digital photo file that you have. This way your photo will look its best at our 24” × 36” enlargement size. This size is a 3:2 print aspect ratio, which means your 4” x 6” photos will scale perfectly to our larger dimension.so if you wish to frame your art using a glass or plexi protective cover you won’t be competing for shine.

The great thing about our Photo Poster Prints is that they mix easily with your paintings, old movie posters and even kids’ art. Finding ready-made frames for this size will be a breeze; check your local arts and crafts stores . Decorate your living room with a collection of 24×36 Poster Prints that hangs aside other large size Mailpix photo enlargements–we also have 20×30 photo posters, 20×24 reprints and16×20 photo enlargement reprints.

  • 24″x36″ is available in matte finish only
  • Printed on real silver-halide paper
  • Full bleed printing
  • Uploading your highest resolution file size
  • Upload using jpg or jpeg format
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