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About MailPix.com

MailPix.com, Huntington Beach, CA

Print From Your Phone. Instantly!


At the end of the day, life is about memories and nothing can capture and preserve a memory like a photo. We love helping people share and preserve their memories.


MailPix is a technology startup in Southern California. Today everyone has a camera in their pocket taking billions of photos. We make it easy to print photos from their phones and pick them up in an hour at most major retailers or mail to any address.


Two guys who spent a lifetime in photography making it more convenient.

"I don’t want my kids growing up without the wonderful memories of their childhood and family."


"My family is all over the globe….California, New York, Norway. Photobooks and prints allow us all to stay connected."


Everyone now has a camera in their pocket filled with priceless photos …irreplaceable memories that can be lost or forgotten and difficult to print and archive for future generations. Our passion is to make it easy to upload, share, archive and print your photos.

We are seamlessly integrated to print your photos and photos you are tagged in; 240 Billion+ Facebook and Instagram photos…and photos from any phone, device or computer. We print photos the same day at thousands of retailers from your phone app or PC and offer convenient mail-to-home shipping too!

Our team and Board of Advisors have the experience and a lifetime of business and personal relationships with the world’s largest manufacturers in business and the business of imaging.

Fred H. Lerner,Founder & CEO - MailPix is Fred’s 7th startup. He previously founded Ritz Interactive which included RitzCamera.com, WolfCamera.com, BoatersWorld.com and others. He raised $10 million from AOL, built a $110 million business in seven years and filed an S-1. Fred also founded two imaging companies, sold both to Kodak and became CEO of Kodak Processing Labs for seven years. He is a Hall of Fame recipient at United Nations’ International Photographic Council and the Past President of Photo Marketing Association International.

Peter Tahmin, Co-founder & COO, joined MailPix.com as COO and was the former vice president at Ritz Camera & Image and co-founder, SVP & COO of the Ritz Interactive e-commerce network which included RitzCamera.com, WolfCamera.com, BoatersWorld.com and others. He brings 20 years of e-commerce experience and a lifetime of imaging industry experience to MailPix.

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